Friday, November 27, 2015

Experience Abra - A One Fine Night Walk to Burdubai

Experience Abra
A One Fine Night Walk to Burdubai
Over the Full Moon

Since 44th UAE National Holiday is upcoming,
UAE Flags can be seen hanging and posted almost everywhere.

I almost bumped into a guy who was walking behind me when I suddenly
stopped to take a snap of the beautiful moon with the Mosque


Al Ghubaiba Water Transport Station
Dubai, UAE

Dubai Ministy of Finance
Building at Night

She's alone.
waiting for someone?
Let's not disturb her.

I just can't help not taking a snap.
Sorry but not sorry :P

I was kinda amazed by the design of these two buildings.

And the ever beautiful moon, again.

I see You.

Abra Station, Bur Dubai
Dubai, UAE

Abra Station, Bur Dubai
Information Booth

Experience Abra
An abra (Arabicعبرة‎ abra) is a traditional boat made of wood.
Abras are used to ferry people across the Dubai Creek in DubaiUnited Arab Emirates. They travel between the water station atShindagha/Al Ghubaiba on the Bur Dubai side, and the water station at Al Sabkha on the Deira side. The abras depart every few minutes. The fare is 1 dirham, which is paid to the ferry driver.[1]

And, this is Abra with its Driver

Abra on the water

Abra on the water

Them, gentlemen.

He, gentleman.
Was seriously on his phone along Old Souq

Ferry Transport of goods.

Reached at the other side,
the Al Sakbha Station

Them Chinese Ladies dancing in the street of Al Sakbha Station

I looked up and saw this again,
Full Moon.

Honestly, I had a hard time looking for the
Philippine Flag that I almost shrieked when I found it. LOL

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Musandam Sea Tour: A Belated Birthday Blast!

Friend: You look like dead.
Me: Yeah. Died in the midst of the beautiful moment.

You know that moment when you just want to enjoy the NOW,
with eyes closed, feeling everything but doing nothing?

I was in that moment.
Dead to every matter that surrounds
but fully awake to the tiniest from within.
Such a beautiful feeling.
A beautiful experience.
You need not to think.
You need not to move.
You need to do none a thing.
Just allowing yourself afloat
from the ever drowning reality.

the actualities set in.
Unsympathetic waves will come.
Crashing your stillness.
Your break, Your escape
from your harsh world.
Sending you to your controlling mind
and protective heart.
And you are now fully aware,
and need to move to stay afloat
from the ever drowning reality.

The photo above was shot at the clean and clear waters of
Telegraph Island, Khasab, Musandam, Oman.

Telegraph Island (also known as Jazirat al Maqlab) is situated in the Elphinstone Inlet, about a mile off the shore of the Musandam Peninsula, which is part of the sultanate of Oman. The inlet is a fjord surrounded by high mountains, with notable geology in the rock strata which dip downwards under the immense pressures caused by the Arabian tectonic plate meeting (and subducting beneath) the Eurasian plate.

A Very Happy Belated Birthday Celebration!

Going to the Oman Border

and we've reached the Oman border where our visas and passports were checked.
I was about to take a snap of the entry gate but I was told that it isn't allowed.

Just after passing the Oman border.

Khasab Musandam Oman Cruise Port

The Fjords at Musandam

Washroom is at the left side where the man's standing.

Stayed for quite awhile watching the disturbed water
by the boat's propeller.

And, we've reached! 

Captain wannabe like :P 

Behind the Scene
The speedboat driver brought me and my friends to the beach in this island. We were the last to hop on since almost everyone were too excited to go the beach but us. We so wanted to jump into the water, but had decided to see the beach first.

When we got to the beach, it was already crowded with murky waters so we asked to get us back to where our boat was docked. While going back, the ever nosy me can't contain the curiosity inside so I asked things about driving a speedboat, how to make it fast and about the sea tour. The driver was friendly and our chat had us to longer speedboat ride time in its fastest speed. It was terrific! Which makes me wanna do, Jetski! So, yeah. We gone back to where our boat was where the water was clean and clear and deep (which I was scared of).

For most of the time we were in the water and only aboard the boat for lunch (which is unlimited/buffet), banana boat ride and caving (which did not appeal to our interest anymore since we had already gone to caves which were more spooky and eerie but beautiful than they have in there).

The Splash!
The water remnants of a diver ^_^

A lot of big men; of different nationalities, were so scared to jump into the water even with their life vest on. And I was like, SERIOUSLY? They were just watching us. And, after sometime, I think they realized that the water was safe and decided to jump off.

Bruise from the cruise.
I was so excited and was about to hop onto a boat for our banana boating
but I had stepped into a slippery metal.
I slipped and chose to fall into the water than to grab onto anything for a hold.
And, everyone (as in everyone) was like,
Are you okay?
Me: yeah. no cuts or wounds
just bruise.
Such an unabashed clumsiness from over excitement. 

Byebye, see you soon! Again.

I shall Return, Musandam.

Yep, dead tired.
But fighting sleep to still be able to sleep when I get home.
Yes. I had a belated birthday bash!

I don't have photos from banana boat and speed boat rides, and caving for we don't have waterproof cameras and I did want to enjoy without worrying about the phone getting wet.