Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Night Lights - Trying Out Long Exposures

 It was quite a while since the last time I watched the sun setting here in Burj AL Arab
public beach so I dragged a friend to watch it yesterday.
I was so excited and brought my Sony Alpha 6000 with me
to take photos only to miss it (it's a long story ~.~).

And, since the sun was already on the other side when we reached, I decided to breathe in and out all the disappointments (i was sour :P) and bide my time watching the horizon changed colors.
Twilight : the darkness was chasing the light away and settled in.

I still wanted to stay and have the camera with me, so I thought of exploring the long exposure shots. I have not fully explored different shots yet and I it was just the best time so I fired up and tadaaaa! Not that good but good enough for me though, for now.

Yeah. I had a serious talk with Burj Al Arab.
He said he didn't eat my food, but look at his tummy.
It's bulging!