Monday, September 28, 2015

A Visit To One Of Dubai's Wonders, Hatta Dam

Hatta is a Sheikhdom in the Hajjar mountains- an exclave of the Emirate of Dubai, UAE to the south-east of its' main territory. Its' capital town is also named Hatta (which includes a reconstructed heritage village by the same name). Hatta is about 115 km (71 mi) east of Dubai City. Because of its altitude, Hatta has a milder climate than the city of Dubai, making Hatta a popular vacation place for Dubai residents. - UAETrips

 Hatta Dam

It was one of those mundane days when we decided to go road tripping.

Hatta Dam was planned a long way back but it was yet so hot to go there.

Then, winter was coming, heat and humidity was tolerable so to there we went.

There was a cycling tournament when we went there.
Unfortunately, it was finished when we arrived.

I admit, it was so tiring going up :P

Hatta Dam, Dubai UAE

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